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3M 03612 Adhesive Eraser Wheel 4"

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The 3M Adhesive Eraser Wheel is a simple solution that removes adhesives and films from painted auto surfaces. It comes with an attachment for an electric drill. The adhesive remover wheel was designed for the high-speed removal of not just vinyl, but also decals, graphics, double sided molding tape, striping and trim. Attached to a drill at a maximum RPM of 4000, it quickly removes all vinyl or adhesive. You can wipe off any residual residue with WD40.

This 3M adhesive eraser wheel for drills does not scratch or damage acrylic enamel or urethane paint; though it is advisable not to use it on lacquer coatings. The material of the eraser wheel is flexible, soft and resilient, and this allows it to strip away materials, thus acting like an eraser. Unlike common solvents and chemicals, this wheel absorbs the heat and leaves your car surface as good as new.

The solid molded wheel is very durable and has a long service life. Each case comes with five eraser wheels that move in rapid and circular motions to remove adhesives. This adhesive eraser wheel is a perfect tool to remove cleanly and efficiently all unwanted decals without damaging the substrates.