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3M 08011 Black Weatherstrip Adhesive 5 fl. oz.

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Our 3M Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive is designed specifically to bond seals and gaskets to metal, ideal for helping ensure a waterproof, airtight seal inside your vehicle. Preferred by auto professionals for decades, this adhesive was developed by 3M to bond with weather-stripping around doors, trunks, T-tops and sun roofs as well as around your windows. It bonds permanently to a large variety of surfaces including rubber, fabrics, gaskets, seals and metal. The adhesive remains flexible, yet it resists nearly any condition you're likely to encounter in your vehicle; wind, rain, vibration, temperature changes, detergents, grease and more.
  • Fast drying, strong, flexible, rubbery adhesive
  • Withstands vibration & extreme temperature changes
  • Good oil and water resistance
  • Forms flexible, waterproof bond that resists vibration
  • Easy to brush and spread right from the tube, saving time
  • Resists oils, solvents, detergents and temperature changes for permanent repairs
  • Bonds to a range of surfaces including vinyl, metal, fabrics and rubber
  • Can also be used for securing paper, cork or rubber gaskets or to bond vinyl headliners and side panels
  • Let cure for up to 24 hours
  • Specialty formula provides medium to high levels of adhesion
  • Dries clear