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POR-15 45904 Top Coat Chassis Black Paint 1 Quart

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You're restoring frames, chassis components, and underhood parts. Do you need help? Call on the rust-busters at POR-15. Their engineers have rust on the run with their tested and proven technology. POR-15 Top Coat paint is one of several specialized topcoats that you can use over POR-15 rust preventive paint for the toughest, most permanent defense against rust and corrosion. These topcoats are highly flexible, extremely scratch and chip-resistant, and non-porous to seal out moisture. No moisture means no rust. Restoration takes a lot of time and money. Why let your dream ride become a pile of rust? POR-15 Top Coat paint is armor for your restoration project. Choose the gloss or semi-gloss needed in a pint, quart, gallon, or 14 oz. spray can.