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SEM 40000 Orbit Seam Sealer Pack-The Game Changer

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The Game Changer Promotion Kit is a limited time promotion including products to help shops duplicate difficult color and texture of OEM seam sealer beads.


  • NEW ORBIT only available in this kit
  • Duplicate difficult OE seam sealer beads and colors
  • Includes all 4 OEM seam sealer colors and 6 pack of ORBIT
  • Dual-Mix Forever Warranty
  • OEM recommended
  • Direct to metal
  • Paintable immediately
  • Non-sag formula holds tooling marks
  • Fast cure increases production
  • Remains flexible without shrinking or cracking
  • Sprayable for additional versatility 
  • ORBIT duplicates OEM seam sealer ripple bead



  • 2 NEW 40177 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - Gray
  • 2 NEW 40277 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - Beige
  • 1 - 40377 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - White
  • 1 - 40477 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - Black 
  • 1 - 29412 ORBIT 6 pack - Not sold separately

The Game Changer SEM 40000 Orbit Seam Sealer Pack contains 3 new products to help achieve the OE Ripple Bead. Pack contains  2-SEM 40177 Heavy Body Seam Sealer (Gray 7oz cartridge),2-SEM 40277 Heavy Body Seam Sealer (Beige 7oz Cartridge),1-SEM 40377 Heavy Body Seam Sealer (Black 7oz Cartridge),1-SEM 40477 Heavy Body Seam Sealer (White 7oz Cartridge),and 6 Orbit tips to Duplicates OE seam sealer ripple beads commonly found on strut towers, trunk pans and rear body pans in many newer vehicles. SEM Heavy Body Seam Sealer is a versatile, two component seam sealer for sealing interior or exterior seams, joints and voids.