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USC 26006 Icing Glazing & Finishing Filler Putty 24oz.

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Our best-selling polyester finishing putty. Icing® spreads smooth, self levels and dries to an easy-to-sand finish. Creamy and sands to an ultra-smooth finish. Stain and tack-free. Pourable and brushable.

Suggested Use(s)
Use for minor body work and surface imperfections such as sand scratches, chips, pinholes and scratches. Can be used on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body filler, wood, 2K primer, OEM topcoats, galvanized and zinc-coated steel, and SMC. Can be topcoated with polyester, 2K urethane or 1K primer.

Mix Ratio
2% by weight (50:1 ratio) with supplied cream hardener


Technical Data Sheet