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XCP CAR-10605 CAR Products Powerhouse All Purpose Cleaner (5 gal)

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CAR Products Powerhouse All Purpose Cleaner (5 gallon pail)

Part Number: XCP CAR-10605

All Purpose cleaner that cleans vinyl, carpets, upholstery, leather, whitewalls, convertible tops, etc.

The following are recommended dilution ratios for best results.
Vinyl - 5:1
Carpets & Upholstery - 15:1
Leather - 8:1
White Walls - 3:1
Convertible Tops - 5:1

  1. Apply solution with spray, brush or sponge to soiled surface.
  2. Agitate with brush to loosen dirt.
  3. Remove dirt with wet vac, damp towel, or stream of water depending on application.
  4. Do not let dry on painted surfaces or glass.