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XCP CAR-13601 CAR Products Bust-Off Wheel Cleaner (1 gal)

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CAR Products Bust-Off Wheel Cleaner (1 gallon jug)

Part Number: XCP CAR-13601

Designed to remove heavy brake dust on original factory coated wheels only. Penetrates baked on brake dust and sets up for easy removal. DO NOT use on non-coated, repainted or re-cleared, polished aluminum, uncoated aluminum, or aftermarket wheels. Do not allow cleaner to dry before rinsing. Wheel should be cool. Test one wheel for compatibility. Use extreme caution when using this product. Use personal protection such as rubber gloves, eye goggles, apron, and shin protection.

  1. Spray Bust-Off undiluted onto the wheel.
  2. Allow to soak up to 5 minutes depending on severity of brake dust.
  3. Rinse with strong stream of water.