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XCP CAR-187 CAR Products Spot Remover Spray

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CAR Products Spot Remover Aerosol Spray

Part Number: XCP CAR-187

This product is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. Contains strong cleaners to remove stains due to dirt, ink, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Upright spray valve allows easy application. Stream sprays concentrate product on spots and stains without heavy overspray. This product quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning. Leaves no residue. Contains no solvents which might soften carpet backings. This product also contains an odor modifier which destroys odor due to urine and vomit through oxidation catalysis. A pleasant fragrance remains.

Shake can well before using. Remove protective cap. Points opening in spray tip towards spot or stain. Apply in short bursts until spot or stain is well saturated. Stain or spot will be gone in seconds. Excessive deposits of grease, oil or ink may require additional applications. Wait until material is dry before reapplying to see if necessary.