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XCP CAR-235 CAR Products Brite-O Detailer Spray

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CAR Products Brite-O Detailer Aerosol Spray

Part Number: XCP CAR-235

Provides a high gloss coating to plastics. The wide spray pattern coats hard to reach areas with a water resistant silicone and resin blend offering a durable shine. Leaves the surface with a light melon scent. Great for dash boards, A/C vents and plastic trim.

  1. Shake can well before using.
  2. Ensure surface is free from dust or dirt and is dry.
  3. Apply 2 or more light coats of Brite-O to the surface to be treated in order to prevent runs.
  4. Wipe off any excess with a dry microfiber towel.
NOTE: Avoid applications of Brite-O to surfaces that should not be slippery like vinyl seats or flooring.