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XCP CAR-63716 CAR Products Bullet Proof Series TC1 Tire, Wheel & Body Cleaner (16 oz)

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CAR Products Bullet Proof Series TC1 Tire, Wheel & Body Cleaner (16 ounce)

Part Number: XCP CAR-63716

TC1 Tire, Wheel & Body Cleaner is a highly concentrated acid free cleaner that is safe to use on tires, wheels, and clear coat surfaces. TC1 deep cleans rubber in preparation for the application of C.A.R. Products TA1 Tire Coating. TC1 can be diluted to be safely used on clear coated surfaces to remove dirt, grime and bugs. 
TC1 can be used full strength on tires to ensure thorough removal of dirt and grime embedded in a tire to ensure a clean surface in preparation for TA1 Tire Coating.

  1. Mist wheel face with water.
  2. Spray TC1 directly onto the tire and let dwell.
  3. Agitate with a tire brush.
  4. Rinse with a steady steam of water

For Clear Coat surfaces dilute 1:1 with water

  1. Spray onto surface, do not allow to dry.
  2. Rinse surface with a steady stream of water.
  • Follow up by washing with carwash or rinseless wash to remove any remaining contaminants.