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XCP CAR-913 CAR Products Hi-Tech Magna Shine Clay Bar (Purple, Aggressive, 200G)

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CAR Products Hi-Tech Magna Shine Clay Bar, Purple, Aggressive Cut, Heavy Duty 200 Grams

Part Number: XCP CAR-913

Quickly removes bonded contaminants from paint, glass and metal surfaces. Easily lifts overspray, rail dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, tar and fresh water spots. Designed not to scratch the surface as it cleans.

  1. Wash the vehicle to remove dirt and loose contaminants.
  2. Place 1/2 of the bar in between the hands and flatten to the shape of a disc.
  3. Spray a lubricant such as Spray Shine or Final Shine on the clay and the vehicle surface.
  4. Gently glide the clay disc over the vehicles surface using enough lubricant to keep the surface wet.
  5. Once the clay disc is contaminated, knead the disc by hand and reshape the clay into a disc exposing a clean surface.
  6. Store the clay wet in a cool area.

NOTE: If the clay bar falls to the ground and picks up sand, dirt, or particles, dispose of the clay bar and use a new piece to avoid damaging any vehicles.