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XCP CAR-SPIGOTS CAR Products Spigot Valve for 5 Gallon Containers

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CAR Products Spigot Valve for 5 Gallon containers


Spigot is threaded to connect to our 5-Gallon Stackable Containers lid with a knock-out plug provided with each cap. Simply use a knife to cut out the plug, (please be careful not to damage the threads on your lid). 

Once you install you’re spigot you will have a smooth flow with a no drip spout at your fingertips. It's not a good idea to store your container for an extended period of time with the spigot installed. 

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid leaking, tighten cap well. The large majority of customer will be able to do so by hand. For those that aren't able to fasten the cap well enough by hand, we suggest using a tool such as a channel lock and place Teflon tape on the threads if needed.

During tightening the cap will make a clicking sound, some people make the mistake thinking that when it clicks the cap is tight enough but that is not the case, you need to tighten the cap until you can't tighten it anymore, that is when it should have the correct seal.