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XCP CAR-34501 CAR Products Dynacut Aggressive Compound (1 gal)

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CAR Products Dynacut Aggressive Compound (1 gallon jug)

Part Number: XCP CAR-34501

A fast cutting aggressive compound. Contains a custom made unique abrasive designed to effectively remove 1000 grit and finer sanding scratches on automotive finishes. Removes heavy oxidation and paint defects on conventional and clearcoat paint. Effective in removing 1200 grit or finer sandpaper scratches on gelcoat.

  1. Shake product well.
  2. Make sure painted surface is cool.
  3. Apply to a small section of paint and work with a rotary polisher set at 1500 to 2000 RPM and wool pad
  4. Compound the surface until the product is nearly dry
  5. Wipe off excess with a clean micro fiber towel.
  6. Inspect the work area to ensure the desired results are achieved.